The Weight Loss Workshop

Date: 17th January 2020
Venue: Breaffy House Hotel, Castlebar.
Time: 8pm-9:30pm
Places Limited.

Need to drop a few pounds? Feel healthier? Move better? Feel more confident in yourself? Develop resilience? Generate a stronger, posiitive mindset? Maybe you've answered "yes" but don't know where to start? Maybe you're more confused than ever by the mountain of information you've seen online? Maybe you're stuck in a rut and need some motivation? Maybe you've fallen off the wagon and just need a restart?

Fear not, Alan brings The Weight Loss Workshop to Co. Mayo to set you on the right track. For one night only you'll have the opportunity to learn from the Coach who has transformed hundreds of lives.

What can you expect?

- A clear understanding of the principals behind weight loss.
- Nutrition for Weight Loss.
- Training for Weight Loss.
- An interactive, enjoyable learning environment.
- A clear vision of what YOU, as an individual, would like to achieve.
- An action plan to help you reach those goals.
- An understanding of why we fail, and how to avoid that failure happening again.
- An understanding of the crucial role played by mindset in the weight loss journey.
- An evening of motivation that will have you ready to achieve everything you want.
- A sample one day food plan, tailored to weight loss, will also be included.

Note: This workshop is suitable only for those with weight loss goals. Please be seated by 7:50pm.