Alan Williams Coaching Corporate


Your Health is your Wealth in Life & Business

Alan Williams Coaching offers specially structured seminars and educational lunches to start your workforce on a path to cleaner and healthier living. With support, tailored company programmes; the AWC online programme can bring huge changes.

Workshops 90 mins

Choose one or all can be run as continual development over 5 months:
Goal Setting for the Individual and the Organisation.
Improving mental, physical & emotional health.
From mediocre to outstanding - Creating our best life.
Energy and stress management.
Creating a winners mindset.

Half Day Event (4 hours, short break midway)

Enhance Your Life - 5 Steps to a Happier, Healthier You.
Fit For Life - Nutrition & Exercise strategies to improve body composition, health, energy levels, happiness and quality of life.

Full Day Event

This will be designed and co-ordinated by Alan based on the requirements of the company.

6 Weeks To Happiness

An online 6 weeks Course designed to get your team in shape physically and mentally. It contains amazing strategies aound Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Development & Mindset while keeping Teamwork at it's very core. Alan will also be visiting your teams at the beginning, mid way though and end of the course to ensure maximise benefit to the individual and the organisation