Long Term Plan Vs Short Term Diets

Long Term Plan Vs Short Term Diets

One of my pet hates in this world is people looking for quick fixes and the need for everything to happen immediately. We live in a world now where everything is available at the touch of a button,payments can be made online within seconds, food can be ordered online and delivered within minutes, we have instant access to everybody through social media. And this feeds into our everyday lives. We can’t wait for anything anymore. Getting in shape is not exempt from this it seems.

For years and years quick fix diets have existed. A certain type will be all the rage for a while, then the next one comes along. But why do they never last? Because they don't work. And in fact that's only the tip of the iceberg. They're downright dangerous too.

I still see ads promoting losing big amounts of weight in seven days or nine days. I saw one recently on the front of a magazine promoting a beach body in seven days. How do people really believe this stuff? If you're going to lose a huge amount of weight in seven days you'll be working on a massive calorie deficit. This is how shake diets etc work. You'll lose a lot of weight for the simple reason that you're not consuming anywhere near enough calories. It's the same when you see miracle solutions on social media. We've all seen them. Mix these three ingredients together to lose X amounts of pounds in X amounts of days. Sorry to burst the bubble but they're not magic ingredients, you're just not eating enough.

If you are operating in a big calorie deficit over a sustained period of time you're going to significantly slow down your metabolism. In the long term its the worst thing you can do if getting in shape is your priority. You'll do your short term diet, you'll be hungry and hate every minute of it but at the end you'll be happy because you've lost weight? Or will you? Because you've messed with your metabolism there's a very high chance once you start eating again you'll regain all of that weight with more for interest. And the more of these short term diets you do the less efficient your metabolism becomes.

That's without even mentioning the health risks. Because you're consuming such a low amount of calories you're also depriving your body of the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function. Over a sustained period this will lead to significant health problems, as well as issues such as poor skin, nails and hair. Your energy levels will be very low, you'll probably suffer from dizziness and in general you'll feel terrible.

When I work with clients one of the major things I focus on is making sure their mindset is right. I'll set long term goals with them and design a plan to meet those goals, in a healthy and proper manner. Despite the vast amounts of information available now the temptation to look for instant results is still far too commonplace. Maybe it's human nature. But I think we need to slow down and ask ourselves are we going to keep making ourselves miserable jumping from one quick fix to another or are we going to take control of the problem.

I always tell my clients if you want results you have to work for them. Getting in shape long term, and for it to be sustainable, means hard work. It's not rocket science. There's no great magic secrets like so many will have you believe. It's as simple as this…healthy eating and exercise over a long period of time. Doing a "diet" for two weeks will continue to make you miserable. Take control of your life and commit to making a long term change. Become the best version of yourself. If you need support there's help available. Nutritionists and fitness professionals are there to guide you. But that first step is the most important one, change your mindset. No more diets. Just a lifestyle change. You'll never look back.