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The Weight Loss Workshop; 5 steps to lasting change.

Date: Thursday 31st January 2019 @ 8pm.
Location: Clayton Hotel, Sligo
Price: €24.95

Are you forever starting a weight loss journey, quitting, and starting again? Only to never be any further along? Are you fed up of having low energy levels, low self esteem and low motivation? Are you totally confused and frustrated with all of the conflicting information and fancy jargon you see online?

Fear not, Alan Williams is here to help you. Throughout his thirteen years working in the fitness industry he has worked with thousands of clients just like you. Now he has put together the perfect evening to bring clarity and focus to your goals. In this 90 minute workshop Alan is going to reveal the truth behind weight loss. For one evening only he’ll take to the stage to cover issues such as:

- Creating a mindset for long term weight loss.
- Nutrition for weight loss.
- Training for weight loss.
- Working through the myths.
- Generating momentum and confidence.
- Keeping weight off forever.
- Identifying and finding solutions to YOUR obstacles to success.
- As a special bonus, those in attendance will receive a sample one day food plan for weight loss.

You’ll be leaving the room more motivated than you’ve ever been to create lasting change. Not only that but you’ll be leaving with a solid plan to move yourself forward. January 2019 is the perfect time to start your health journey. Only this time it’s not just for January, it’s for life.