Ignite The Fire

Date: 8th June 2019
Time: 10am-2:30pm
Venue: Clayton Hotel, Sligo

On 8th June this year Alan brings his incredible half day event, Ignite The Fire to Sligo. The ultimate self empowerment and motivation event to help you reconnect with yourself, re-evaluate your life and building the confidence to start moving toward the life you desire.

Is it time for a revolution on Planet You? Time to stop doing the things that didn't work, don't work and will never work? Time to stop doing the things that are holding you back? To stop making the same mistakes and having the same pointless conversations? To step out of fear, mediocrity and frustration? To stop being a slave to your self doubt, anxiety and insecurity?

That stuff doesn't magically happen. You won't accidentally succeed and your life won't "sort itself out". Genuine transformation happens when people reach a psychological point where they're ready to commit to doing the work. Maximising their potential and living the life they want becomes top priority.

If you've attended an AWC event before you'll know that you're in for an incredible event. Laughter, Motivation, and Fun. We all have a spark of brilliance within us, June 8th will be the day we make that breakthrough and bring it out.

If you're done with looking for the quick fix and hoping somebody will magically sort things out for you, if you're ready to Ignite The Fire, June 8th will be the first day of the rest of your life.

What Ignite The Fire will bring to your life:

- Time out from the busyness to figure out what's working/not working in your life.

- Clarity & Purpose.

- Self Confidence to start implementing the changes you need to make. The ones you've been putting off forever.

- Ideas and concepts that challenge you to be totally honest with yourself.

- Mapping out a clear pathway to the things you want most in life.

- Teach you how to adopt and attitude of gratitude and develop a positive, resilient mindset.

- Motivation to finally kickstart your life and get out of that rut.

What do they say about AWC Events:

"Well Alan what can I say .Another fantastic seminar. Yet again you deliever your information in such an accurate way...honest and straight...talking. What impresses me most of all is your own personal journey and what you have achieved. The advice that you give is so practical. Staying healthy was my main goal and staying in the right mindset. Thank you for all your advice along the way.Your an inspiration. Onwards and upwards"

"Well Alan you promised us a good night and what can I say you certainly delivered it."

*Tea & Scones included.
*Opportunity for individual discussions with Alan during break and after the event.